The WMA executive and members would like to thank each and every sponsor for supporting our organization and our track. Your generosity is more appreciated than words can express.

  1. Cheque payable to Whitecourt Motocross Association (WMA)
  2. Supply the corresponding sign to be displayed on the track
  3. A 5-year commitment will follow with 30% of the original donation to be invoiced to your company annually

EXAMPLE: $1000 cheque payable to WMA, 4’x8’ sign supplied by your company (Trim Line & Vital Signs have set prices for signage), $300 will be billed to your company annually for 5 years.

Lodging & Food Sponsors are welcome to participate in our provincial race annually. Please contact for more information on becoming a sponsor.
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Website exposure
  • Provincial Race - we are hosting many families from all over Alberta
  • 7 days a week, riders and family members are using the facility